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Tissue Papers, best substitute for cloth based items to improve sanitary factor, health & convenience to be found.. We want inquiries from Maharashtra only.

Who Are We

There are a wide variety of items that are used on a repeated basis in our day-to-day life. One such common item is Tissue Paper. From being our mate in house to wipe away dirt and dust, to an ordinary but hygienic product that is used to clean the face as well as during the time of common cold and spill, tissue papers are not just used for the aforesaid but also to pack various items. One reliable store that makes available a large assortment of tissue papers in various sizes and colors is Dev Corporation.

Our company came into existence in the year 2016 as a Manufacturer and Trader of Wrapping Tissue Paper, Facial Tissue Paper, Paper Towels, with a plethora of other tissue papers. All of these tissue papers are used majorly in homes, restaurants, hotels, street food shops, cars, florists, gift shops and packaging companies. The most important factors that make our offerings worth buying are it's cost-effectiveness, hygienic factor and recyclable property.

We are a promising company that has been appreciated not just because of it's high quality offerings but also for it's customer friendly approaches, reasonable pricing factor, simple payment options, and fast delivery service even for bulk orders. To well-support the company, we have with us talented, experienced and skillful employees, whose agenda is to work hard and take the company to new heights, so as to accomplish their personal as well as company' goals.

About Our Offerings

One such product that has made our lives more convenient is Tissue Paper. Preventing diseases, maintaining health, cushioning delicate items, and many other reasons, tissue papers, like Wrapping Tissue and Hygienic Tissue Paper, that Dev Corporation specializes in offering are manufactured and appreciated by all. For people who think what's different in our offerings or why they should buy our offerings, reasons for the same are mentioned below:
  • Our offerings are available in one/two/three/four ply's, to suit the application and demand of users
  • Packed in plastic pouches and cardboard boxes, our offerings are easy to carry and place anywhere
  • Soft, rough and hard, we make all types of tissue papers

To produce Hygienic Tissue Paper, Wrapping Tissue, and other types of tissue papers, we source and make use of paper pulp, adhesives and other good quality raw materials. Technologically advanced Tissue Paper Making and Packaging Machines have been installed in our production house to produce bulk in less time. All the production related activities, be it of making paper stick, drying paper, or crêping, are well managed by our experts. After production, tissue papers are packed in bundles in different quantities as per their size, print and texture.